“I Want A White Kitchen.”

I Want A White Kitchen A white kitchen is a timeless aesthetic but doesn’t come without challenges. It can be sterile and uninviting if you do not take a curated approach to the design selections. Warmth can be challenging, and one can fall victim to a lack of character in a white kitchen. Wow, I […]

Bathroom Update: Wet Room

Bathroom Update: Wet Room Luxurious Wet Room The latest primary bath trend is nixing the large bathtub in the primary en suite and the exchange is an oversized shower, sometimes even a shower for two! For the percentage of population that loathes baths this is a win. However, amongst the general public are still the […]

Oh, Hey New Range Hood

Oh, Hey New Range Hood The Kitchen. My favorite room in the house.  It is my favorite room to design, my favorite room to be in, gather and live.  I would consider myself a wanna be chef. I love to try new recipes and meal planning is not a chore for me – but truthfully […]

A Cozy Breakfast Nook

A Cozy Breakfast Nook credit: julia fay photography We gave up a formal dining room two moves ago. However, my beloved Pier One dining table has made the move with us those two moves.  In our most recent house, as much as I loved my dining table, it just wasn’t working in the space. It’s […]

Playing Favorites

As a mom, it’s forbidden to play favorites.  I promised myself in my business venture I would throw out all the rules and tendencies of my previous career and life in general.  This includes my definition of success, striving for perfection, and forbidding myself to have a favorite.  So here I am claiming it- This […]

To Wallpaper or Not?

Truthfully- the number one question I receive is what do I think of wallpaper and should a client install wallpaper.  Heck yes, you should!  However, true to my own form I stress – with intentionality.  The selection of the wallpaper should be a part of an overall plan.  What marries with the rest of your […]

Kitchen Renovation: Two Of My Favorite Words

Few things aside from my kids, chocolate, and coffee excite me like a good kitchen renovation. This kitchen renovation we are talking about today is a goooood one! If you like the satisfaction of Before and Afters, this one is gonna get ya! This client’s kitchen had all the workings of what we loved most […]