Truthfully- the number one question I receive is what do I think of wallpaper and should a client install wallpaper.  Heck yes, you should!  However, true to my own form I stress – with intentionality.  The selection of the wallpaper should be a part of an overall plan.  What marries with the rest of your home, your furnishings, and decorative accents.  The power of wallpaper to transform a space is nearly equivalent to that of a fresh coat of paint. But unlike paint, it stands to add some real interest and layer to a space. In this space, the client desired to rid of her formal dining space.  Her rationale was how little use it received and she had plans to use the space more often and with intention….. my oh my did she know how to get my interest in this project.  An avid reader and passionate lounger my client had aspirations for this room to be used for book club and easy evenings with her family. 

The Before lacked direction.  My client was frustrated with blending her furniture and the underutilization of her room.

The after is the perfect demonstration of what an intentional selection in wallpaper can do to a space.  This Magnolia and Home peel and stick wallpaper is a show stopper. The quality and thickness of the paper are fantastic. The navy is so on-trend delivering a punch with a subtle pattern. 

Additional layers in the space that are worthy of mention are the great fabric we chose for these custom-built swivel gliders and ottoman and attention must be paid to this rug- the client and I agree the softness doesn’t even compare to the copper accents and beautiful accommodating shades of blue.

Truly this space became a perfect place to sit down, abide and enjoy another’s company.  It has ultimate welcome and southern hospitality – it is what I strive to for in every room redesign.

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