The design process starts with a consultation in which I always ask clients to bring their favorite inspo whether it be the product, building materials, or pictures of completed spaces. In the consultation, we always prioritize pieces and budget.  Upon completing a consultation is when I go to work.  I vigorously shop many vendors for products to make my client’s space just right. After the inventory is selected I go to work pulling favorite pieces together in a mood board.  I find the greatest challenge when working with clients is a person’s ability to visualize things coming together. Often my clients say “I just can’t see it all come together as you can.”  That is the best gain of a mood board, it puts all of the products we have selected together to help you better visualize your completed space.

This particular space was shopped over the span of a few months gathering the perfect pieces for this client’s goal of a modern farmhouse kitchen eating space.  The client desired a black and white palate in a functional space that would be kid-friendly.  The bench is a family-friendly relaxed way to dine and we accomplished some fun style with the x back chairs.  One of my favorite parts of the finished space was the rough edge of the table and you will always hear me singing praises of what a basic white curtain panel will do in warming up a space and creating brightness and airiness.  However, let us not overlook the light fixture which came from one of my favorite Inspo spaces.

Lighting Inspo:

credit: Grant Rivera/Apex Visions

Dining Inspo:

credit: Grant Rivera/Apex Visions

It truly is my pleasure and joy when a space makes the client feel like the Inspo initially made them feel. The only downfall to a completed project is when communications with my clients dial back.  I have a habit of getting attached to the amazing people who trust me to help them design their space- an occupational hazard?  

I’m happy to report this finished project left for a happy client… and a happy self because they have since given me the absolute pleasure of designing a new nursery for them which I simply cannot wait to share!

As a mom of a toddler, working full-time (in a PANDEMIC) trying to sell and plan for a seamless transition to a new house is very stressful. Kristina relieved me of so much stress. I was so excited to have the design implemented and I didn’t once question anything. She was right beside me offering her advice an I could not have been more grateful. Without her we would still have unfinished spaces and I wouldn’t be as in love with our new home as I am now. I can’t thank you enough! And even more exciting: we used her to design our nursery for our second daughter and we LOVED everything! She even got the hubs on board with ZERO revisions! Can’t wait for more projects together and maybe one day a custom, dream home!


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